2X Client for RDP 10.1.1204 ClientSystem Class ActiveX Control 
TuxClientSystem.dll InstallClient() Download and Execute 

tested against: Microsoft Windows Vista SP2
                Microsoft Windows Server 2003 r2 sp2
                Internet Explorer 8

vendor description:
"2X Software is a global leader of desktop and application delivery, 
remote access and cloud computing solutions."

2x homepage: http://www.2x.com/

download url: http://www.2x.com/rdp-client/windows-linux-mac/downloadlinks/

file tested: 2XClient.msi


the mentioned product installs an ActiveX control with the following

ProgID: TuxClientSystem.ClientSystem.1
CLSID: {F5DF8D65-559D-4b75-8562-5302BD2F5F20}
Binary path: C:\Program Files\2X\Client\TuxClientSystem.dll
Implements IObjectSafety: True
Safe for Scripting: True
Safe for Initialization: ?

According to the IObjectSafety interface this control is Safe 
for Scripting, then Internet Explorer will allow the scripting
of this control.


/* DISPID=2 */
	function InstallClient(
		/* VT_BSTR [8] [in] */ $msiPath,
		/* VT_I4 [3]  */ $bFullInstallation 
		/* method InstallClient */

The first argument of this method accepts a file location on the
internet. By supplying the url of a .msi installer, the mentioned
control will download and execute the file without no user 
interaction other then browsing a web page.

To demonstrate this vulnerability I modified an
existing standalone msi installer through free availiable tools
by replacing a CustomAction row with the following values:

Action  Type    Source                                                  Target                       ExtendedType
Run	226	SystemFolder.98CB24AD_52FB_DB5F_FF1F_C8B3B9A1E18E	"""cmd.exe"" /c start calc"  <null>	

As attachment:
9sg_2x.html - host on a web server and change the position of x.msi
              then browse this page